Best highly paying dogecoin faucets 2018 updated daily


Here you will find our list of the best and highest paying dogecoin faucets of 2018 that are updated daily . dogecoin is a famous cryptocurrency with its value was always stable since the last two years . you can claim free good amounts of free dogecoins from this list of the best dogecoin faucets  faucets.

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NameEarning TimerWalletVisit
mrbtcfaucet.22 doge No Timer FaucetHub Visit
moondoge.22 doge 5 mins
CoinPot Visit doge 30 mins Faucethub Visit
zetabitco.72 doge 30 mins Faucethub Visit
bestbitcoinfaucets.72 doge 5 mins Faucethub Visit
claimfreedoge.72 doge5 mins Faucethub Visit
dogecoin.treasurebits.72 doge5 mins Faucethub Visit
dinoving.72 doge5 mins Faucethub Visit

The Must Join Coinpot Faucets

N.B1 Double Your Claim from coinpot faucets
By being active every day, Every day you claim from these faucets it add 1% bonus on each claim untill you get 100% bonus on each claim (Double claim)

NameEarning TimerWalletVisit
Moondoge0.3 Doge 5 mins CoinPot Visit
Moonbitcoin15 sat 5 mins CoinPot Visit
Moonbitcoin.Cash150 sat 5 mins CoinPot Visit
Moon Dash300 Dash 5 mins CoinPot Visit
Moon Litecoin1000 LTC 5 mins CoinPot Visit
Bitfun15 sat 5 mins CoinPot Visit
Bonusbitcoin20 sat 5 mins CoinPot Visit

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